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Who are we

A Multi Commodity Bulk Port Terminal in the Inner Harbour of Visakhapatnam Port on the East Coast of India. Predominantly, we handle Coking Coal, Iron Ore, Gypsum, Manganese Ore, Coke, Steam Coal, and Other Bulk Cargo.

The terminal consists of two berths East Quay-8 & East Quay-9 are located in the Northern Arm of Inner Harbour of Visakhapatnam Port Latitude 17"24 'N Longitude 83"18'E.

This Terminal is 564 km from the Industrial/ Ore belt of Chattisgarh and 411 km from the Industrial / Ore belt of Orissa and is closest proximity to South-Eastern parts ideally situated for Bulk Cargo import & export.


Our Mission

Understanding our customer's business requirements and goals allows us to offer them solutions that are specifically tailored to their needs.

To further strengthen our competitive edge by offering distinctive quality services with added value in accordance with international industry best practices, as well as to deliver cutting-edge fully managed services through our committed professional teams, who ensure quick response to the changing market environment.

Core Values


Enjoy the best set of port encounters with us. We deliver a safer, greener, and digitally enabled experience. We transform your port experience with the pinch of innovation.


When it comes to working, we are entirely transparent with our activity. We, aware you of all the costs, safety protocols, and ins and outs of insurance. We deliver industry-leading efficiency services.


We deliver the easiest and ready-to-use services for our clients to enjoy hassle-free services. The anchor, lifter, and other products employed by us are of high quality and serve the purpose efficiently.

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